Dive into the dynamic world of motion graphics with our comprehensive 12-week course. Learn the history, principles, and tools of the trade, including Adobe AfterEffects, and culminate your journey with a practical exam and graduation.

Course Module Outlines

  • MGD 1.1: History of Motion Graphics (1 Week)
  • MGD 1.2: Introduction to Shapes and Colour Theory (1 Week)
  • MGD 1.3: Introduction to Adobe AfterEffects (2 Weeks)
  • MGD 1.4: Principles of Animation (2 Weeks)
  • MGD 1.5: Broadcast Design and Branding in Motion Design (4 Weeks)
  • MGD 1.6: Practical Exam and Graduation (2 Weeks)

Potential Job Roles

  • Motion Graphics Designer
  • Visual Effects Artist
  • Broadcast Designer
  • Animation Director